Tour Akko, a Historical City that Lives and Breathes

There’s a good chance Arce (or Akko) will become your favorite place in Israel. This incredible walled city on the edge of the sea has been conquered, destroyed, and rebuilt countless times over thousands of years. Since about 3000BC, Acre has been ruled by Phoenicians; Persians; Romans; Byzantines; Crusaders; Ottomans; British, and the State of Israel. Each left its mark on the city in the form of khans, baths, citadels, synagogues, and mosques. 

Tour Acre’s Top Attractions

  • Knights Templar Tunnel-Walk through the 350m-long 12th-century tunnel built by the Knights Templar so they could secretly move between the port and their fortress.
  • Acre Market-Experience a traditional Middle Eastern market. You’ll find everything from fresh produce and fish to hookahs and hummus. 
  • Acre City Walls-Walk along Acre’s massive city walls. Originally built in 950AD, they have been attacked, destroyed, and rebuilt several times. These impenetrable walls even held off Napoleon’s troops in 1799.
  • Al-Jazzar Mosque-This stunning mosque was built in 1781 and named after the powerful Ottoman governor, Ahmad el-Jazzar, “The Butcher”.
  • Knights’ Halls-Over 830 years ago, the Crusader Hospitallers Order built this impressive complex of large halls with huge stone pillars, and vaulted ceilings.
  • Khan al-Umdan-A grand 18th-century caravanserais where merchants once took refuge. 
  • Hammam al-Basha-This traditional Turkish bath was built in 1795 by Jazzar Pasha.
  • Acre Citadel-The present Ottoman structure was built on the remains of a Crusader citadel. The British used it as a prison for Arab activists and members of the Jewish Zionist movement.

 Tour Acre and Get a Glimpse into the Past

Come explore Acre’s historical heritage, meander through the narrow cobbled lanes, discover the cavernous underground Crusader halls, and bargain with the market vendors for an authentic Israel souvenir. It’s time to fall in love with one of the oldest port cities in the world-Acre!



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