Israel Tour Guide

Tour Israel with an Israeli Tour Guide

The idea of exploring a country independently, always sounds good but, in reality, you open yourself up to a lot of problems if you don’t use the services of a local tour guide. Israel is a complexed and fascinating country, so by using an Israeli tour guide, you can get to know the country at your own pace; focus on what interests you personally and get insights into Israeli culture. With a tour guide, Israel can be experienced exactly as you wish – if you want to focus on Israel viticulture; Israeli history; culture in Israel or Biblical sites, your private guide can make that happen. The advantages of using a tour guide in Israel, are numerous but most importantly you will enjoy your stress-free visit to the Holy Land, more when accompanied by your own private Israeli guide.

How to Spend your Time in Israel

When visiting Israel, time is valuable. You don’t want to waste your time waiting for taxis, buses and trains. You’d rather get going and see as much as possible. With an Israeli private tour guide, you can do just that. Often the first and last day of a trip to Israel are wasted as you figure out how to get to and from the airport, and then, only have a few hours left of the day. However if you have a tour guide in Israel, you can maximize your time to see and do exciting things. Your Israeli tour guide can pick you up from the airport, and take you straight to one of the country’s top attractions without wasting time.

Ever Wanted to Talk to a Local?

Often travelers wish they could talk to a local and find out what life is really like in Israel. What was it like living in Israel during the rockets attacks; what is education like in Israel or how do Israelis feel about compulsory conscription. Well, with an Israeli tour guide you have a personal contact with someone, who can discuss all these questions with you.

Get In-depth Knowledge of Israel’s Sites with an Israel Tour Guide

There are many attractions in Israel, which are meaningless unless you know the history behind the site. Ancient ruins are just a “pile of rocks”, unless you know the story behind them. For example Masada; a hilltop fortress, with extensive archaeological remains, has little significance without knowing the moving story behind it. Once you know about how King Herod built a luxurious palace complex here, complete more than 2,000 years ago with a bath house, cisterns and huge store rooms, the “piles of rocks” appear differently. When you learn of the 1st century Jewish rebels, who fled the Romans and took refuge on Masada; and about their survival of an extensive siege, and eventual mass suicide to avoid being captured by the Romans; you can understand why Masada is a symbol of courage and perseverance to the Jewish people. In Israel, your tour guide can bring this slice of Jewish history alive for you. Your Israeli tour guide has studied the history, geography and culture of Israel in-depth, and can enrich your experience in Israel.