Tel Aviv - The Non Stop City

If Jerusalem is the religious heart of the country then Tel Aviv is the center of culture, nightlife, fashion and business. The “Big Orange” is also called the ‘White City’, because of the many Bauhaus buildings which were built here in the 1930s and 40s. The 400+ Bauhaus structures earned Tel Aviv UNESCO World Heritage Status. Tel Aviv has many interesting neighborhoods; many tree lined avenues, galleries, museums and theatres. There is a thriving café culture and trendy hipster neighborhoods like Florentine. To experience the vibrant character of Tel Aviv the best place to visit is the Carmel Market, an open air market selling a myriad of goods and food. Sun lovers can enjoy the long sandy beaches along Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean coast. The beachfront promenade is lined with fun cafes, bar and restaurants.

Tel Aviv’s old port area has been completely repurposed and is now an entertainment and retail haven with a gorgeous wooden boardwalk along the water’s edge. Tel Aviv boasts many parks including the large HaYarkon Park home to the Yarkon River. If you are in Israel for business you will probably be based in Tel Aviv and can take advantage of the many amenities and cultural centers. Tel Aviv is a joint municipality with the adjacent Jaffa. Jaffa is an ancient port city with quaint narrow alleys, a dynamic flea market like no other and a fascinating history. When the sun goes down Tel Aviv comes alive with a wide range of restaurants from gourmet to falafel as well as night clubs which cater to all tastes.

Tel Aviv is a fun, exciting and modern destination for enjoying the urban lifestyle, culture and beach life.

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