My Mercedes Minivan

Mercedes V-Class Van – Comfort, Safety, Luxury, Reliability 

My 6 seater, Mercedes Minivan is the ideal touring car for a wonderful tour around Israel

* Safety – Mercedes is a world leader in the research and design of automotive safety feature.

* Comfort – 6 passenger seats, reclaimable, with superbly comfortable classic leather. The advanced suspension ensures outstanding comfort. Clients often remark on the comfort.

* Air-Conditioning with electronic climate control . . . of course. (essential during the Israeli Summer).

* Luggage – An enlarged luggage compartment will store all the luggage of 6 passengers.

* Backup (just in case…….) – In case of any unexpected occasion – I chose a number of fellow guides, all are experienced, with similar vehicles, to support me. Your private Israel tour is always guaranteed!

* Fully licensed – by the Israeli Ministries of Transport and Tourism as a “Tourism Vehicle” (Eshkol).

* I provide FREE Wi-Fi in the car !