Galilee - Cradle of Christianity

The Galilee is Israel’s greenest region; many say the landscape resembles Europe’s countryside. The Galilee is located in northern Israel and is traditionally divided into upper, lower and western Galilee. The region has mountains, valleys, rivers, forests and a patchwork of farmlands. The scenic region offers visitors many opportunities for outdoor activities as well as having several fascinating cities and towns.

Jesus spent time in the Galilee during his ministry when he went from village to village preaching and performing miracles in places like Capernaum and on the Mount of Beatitudes. The gorgeous Sea of Galilee is also in this region and here Jesus is said to have walked on water and calmed the storm. At the Sea of Galilee visitors can take part in water sports, go for a boat excursion and swim at one of several beaches. The city of Tiberius sits on the edge of the Sea of Galilee and is used as a base by many tourists to explore the region. Other sites in the Galilee include Nazareth, which has magnificent churches; the Hula Valley, a major stop over point for millions of migrating birds; the Jordan River where you can go kayaking or even be baptized; Mount Tabor; Druze villages; Arbel; the archaeological sites at Kursi; Keshet Cave and Tsfat.

Tsfat (Safed or Tzfat) is the highest city in the country, perched on a hill top it is also an enchanting Holy Jewish city. It was here that the Jewish mystic tradition of Kabbalah was born. Safed is home to an artists’ quarter, historic synagogues and a beautiful Old Town of narrow winding alleys lined by stone houses.

Thanks to the fertile land of the Galilee, the region has a reputation for producing excellent produce and has developed an incredible culinary culture. The area is dotted with gourmet restaurants and stores selling specialty goods like locally produced wine, cheese, olive oil and fruit. There are many kibbutzim in the area where visitors can stay in B&Bs and enjoy exploring the delicious cuisine of the region as well.

On a tour of the Galilee you can choose to focus on walking in the footsteps of Jesus; visiting Jewish sites like Tzfat and Tiberias or exploring the natural wonder of the region.

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