Enjoy the pleasant evenings around Israel

After a day of touring Israel with your private guide you might still want to get out and enjoy the evening. There is plenty to do after the sun goes down whether you are staying in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tiberias or any other city in Israel. We can help you book tickets, make reservations and plan your evening activities in Israel.


In Jerusalem there is the Night Spectacular in the citadel courtyard of the Tower of David Museum. This sound and light show tells the history of Jerusalem through projected images on the ancient citadel walls together with amazing sound and lighting effects. The city has hundreds of restaurants to suite all tastes including traditional Moroccan, Ethiopian and Yemenite restaurants. The city has a packed cultural calendar with regular festivals and fairs which often take place in the evening. You can enjoy cultural events at the historic Jerusalem International YMCA. You will also find that several churches in Jerusalem hold classical concerts in the evenings. In both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv there are cinema complexes called Cinema City. Movies in Israel are screened in their original language with Hebrew subtitles. If you want to walk around and enjoy the night air then the Mamilla Mall adjacent to the Old City is a great place to start. From the Haas Promenade you can look out over the city directly into the Old City where the Dome of the Rock stands. The city is lit up and beautiful at night.

Tel Aviv

Dinner with a soldier
Moroccan dinner

In Tel Aviv you will find the most bars, pubs, restaurants and night clubs as well as a wide choice of cultural activities which is why it is called the City that Never Sleeps. Israel’s leading symphony orchestra is based in Tel Aviv and performs regularly at the Tel Aviv Cultural Palace. Here you can also see performances by the country’s leading opera company. If you’re interested in modern dance then check out the Suzanne Dellal Centre home to the Batsheva Dance Company. Tel Aviv has a number of roof top bars where you can sip a cocktail and enjoy the views and cool breeze. These include the Brown TLV, Ciela, The Speak Easy and Kanta. In Tel Aviv there is a famous sports bar called Mike’s Place which is popular with Anglos and has a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Take a walk along Tel Aviv’s long beachfront promenade where you have the sea on one side and rows of restaurants, bars and clubs on the other. The Tel Aviv old port boardwalk is also wonderful at night and you’ll often be treated to street performers, open-air markets and dancing fountains in the summer. Other great places to take a walk in the evening are Sarona, a former Templer colony which has been converted to a retail and entertainment center and Rothschild Boulevard. The Jajo Wine Bar is in a 150 year old wine cellar and is a special, sophisticated and unique place to eat and drink.


If you are spending the night in Tiberius on the edge of the Sea of Galilee then the best way to start your evening is probably with a boat excursion on the sea as the sun goes down followed by a delicious seafood dinner on the water’s edge. After that you might want to see the spectacular dancing fountains on the Tiberius Promenade. In the summer there are even more things to do in the evening like taking a short horse-drawn carriage ride or strolling through the market near the sea front.


Eilat is an amazing beach resort with many clubs, restaurants and bars open until late at night. There are excellent seafood restaurants. If you want to enjoy the buzz of the city take a walk though the open-air market along the promenade. There is plenty to see, buy and eat on the promenade in front of the Queen Sheba Hotel. The Ice Mall is a unique shopping center with a huge ice rink in the middle. Two shopping levels encircle the rink and you can shop or rent skates and have fun on the ice. Eilat has its own dancing fountain which performs in the summer. Eilat also has an IMAX 3D theatre and a small wax museum. Several of the top hotels offer cabaret-style shows and large spectaculars like the WOW Show at the Isrotel Theatre. To get out of the heat visit Ice Space where there are ice sculptures in a completely icy environment. Perhaps one of the best activities for an evening in Eilat is to take a sunset cruise, some of which include a meal onboard. If you want to go a little out of the city there is a wonderful sound and light show at Timna Park.


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