The Dead Sea - Lowest place on earth

No visit to Israel is complete without a visit to the Dead Sea. The 50km long sea is located between Jordan and Israel along the Jordan Rift Valley in Southern Israel on the edge of the Judean Desert. It is a natural wonder; a salt lake almost 10 times as salty as the Ocean. The Dead Sea is most famed as being the lowest point on Earth. Because of the high salinity nothing lives in the waters of the Dead Sea but the shore is alive with tourists and locals enjoying the Dead Sea beaches, health spas and hotels.

The Dead Sea is rich in potassium, iron, magnesium and other minerals. It is a popular spa location where the natural properties of the Dead Sea are used for beauty and health treatments. All the elements of the Dead Sea region have been found to have healthy benefits. The oxygen-rich Dead Sea air helps those with breathing problems like asthma. The mineral-rich water and black Dead Sea mud help blood circulation, skin disorders like eczema and psoriases plus arthritis and aches and pains in joints and muscles. A soak in the Dead Sea also relieves stress. Being the lowest point on Earth even the sun light is healthy at the Dead Sea as the effect of dangerous ultra-violet radiation is weakened.

While at the Dead Sea you can enjoy the spa treatments, laze on the beach, float in the water (where you can’t sink because of the buoyant saline water) and visit attractions in the area. Top attractions in the Dead Sea region include Ein Gedi, a lush green oasis in the desert with waterfalls, streams and archaeological sites. Also visit Masada, an ancient hill top fortress and symbol of Jewish courage due to the historic events which took place here over 1,900 years ago. You can even see the Qumran caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. The desert in this region has many hidden wonders which you can discover on a tour or take an exciting jeep excursion across the sands.

The Dead Sea is an amazing one day tour destination with plenty to do and an excellent place to unwind and relax.

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