Some important information upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) is a modern International Airport, called after David Ben Gurion, Modern Israel’s Founding Father and the first Prime Minister.

Depart the airplane into the airconditioned terminal 3, walk through passport control (immigration), Continue on, to pick up your luggage, on the way, you can pick up a FREE luggage cart. Walk through Customs, and out to the impressive Arrivals Hall – “Meeters and Greeters”. Here you can change money, withdraw Israeli Shkels from an ATM, rent a cell-phone, buy a SIM card for calls and/or Data, use bathrooms, get a drink (highly recommended to drink water after a long, dehydrating flight).Most airlines connect to the Terminal through the sleeve (except some low cost flights). You then walk towards Passport Control stands (Immigration), there – NO STAMP IS PUT IN YOUR PASSPORT. You get a printed slip, which contains the entry records – keep it till you leave Israel.

There is FREE Wi-Fi in the airport terminal halls.

If you have pre-arranged transfer to your destination, proceed as directed. If not – a Taxi is the best way of transportation to your hotel in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem. Be aware, sometimes there are long waiting lines for the taxi. Taxi drivers usually accept US Dollars or Euros. Most taxi drivers do not take credit cards yet.

Taxi tariff from the airport is: to Tel Aviv 40-50 USD and to Jerusalem 70-85 USD. The higher tariff is charged for night, Saturday (Shabbat) and holiday.

Ben Gurion Airport is located about half way between Tel Aviv in the west, and Jerusalem to the east, closer to Tel Aviv. The ride to Tel Aviv lasts about half an hour. The ride to Jerusalem is almost one hour. Depending on traffic.


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