What you should consider before booking your flight

There are numerous airlines that fly to Israel. Some fly direct from various airports in the USA.
Besides the cost, there are some other elements to consider, when you need to select an airline or a flight schedule.

Landing time in Israel
Upon landing, you would like to go rest, unpack, wind up and get ready for your tour around Israel. Check in time in most hotels is 2 PM. So try to avoid arriving much before this time.

El Al Israel's National Airline
El Al Israel Airlines

Departure flight time from Israel
Check out time from hotels in Israel is around noon. Most direct flights to the USA, for instance, are around midnight. So, either extend your stay till the evening, or check out and stay in the hotel lobby or do some small city tour, or, we can use the full day as a touring day – ending in the evening at the airport. But, in this case there may not be an opportunity for a nice shower and change before the flight. (The business class lounges at the airport do not provide showers).

Jet Lag
If you land in Israel arriving directly from the USA, some Jet Lag signs may appear. I heard passengers that made a stopover in Europe, suffer less from these symptoms.

Airlines that fly direct between the USA/Canada and Israel:

El Al Israel Airlines

American Airlines

United Airlines

Delta Airlines

Air Canada 

Have a nice flight !


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