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Would you like to take part in an archaeological dig in Israel? But you don’t have the time? Well, it’s possible to work on an authentic archaeological dig in Israel for just a few hours! On your trip to the Holy Land talk to your Israeli tour guide about joining an archaeological dig with “Dig for a Day”.

Almost everywhere you go in Israel there are ancient archaeological remains beneath your feet. The country is extremely rich in historic remains from every period dating back thousands of years. And you can be a part of uncovering real archaeological artifacts.

Can I join an Archaeological Dig in Israel?

Dig for a Day offers tourists a genuine experience on a real archaeological site in Israel. The activity is designed for travelers of all ages, and year-round. Participants are given a hands-on experience that includes excavating, sifting, pottery examination, and exploring an extensive archaeological site. Professional guides lead you through the activity which lasts about three hours.

Be an Archaeologist for a Day at Beit Guvrin

Dig for a Day is under the auspices of the Israeli Antiquities Authority and is situated in one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Israel, Beit Guvrin. The site has a labyrinth of man-made underground chambers that have been slowly revealed through excavations that have taken place over the last four years.

Archaeological digs at Beit Guvrin have uncovered structures and artifacts from the Roman and Greek periods. Remains include ancient olive oil production sites, weaving installations, water cisterns, and columbaria.

How Can I Get Involved in an Israel Archaeology Dig Site?

If you want a truly unique experience in the Holy Land then talk to your private tour guide in Israeli about including Dig for a Day in your itinerary. And if you are making a special trip to Israel for a Bar Mitzvah, Dig for a Day will make an incredible addition to your Bar Mitzvah Israel tour.

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