About Myself

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Dubi Guiding on Masada

Dubi Guiding on Masada


Native Israeli Born

* I’m a native born Israeli (‘Sabra’).

* I’m 65 years old.

* I live in Tel Aviv.

* I am an officer (reserve) in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and still do my reserve duty occasionally.


* I qualified as a licensed Israel tour Guide with the Israel Ministry of Tourism in 1985. I have been guiding tours of Israel since then.

* I was certified as a licensed Travel Expert by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

* I studied Geography at the Tel Aviv University.

* I took numerous courses regarding History, Christianity, Archaeology, as well as other related subjects to tours in Israel.

* Fluent in English, German and some French and Arabic.

* I am a certified “Emergency Situation Manager”.


* For the past 35 years I have been guiding in Israel tour groups, individuals, family tours, government official guests and business guests.

* I have had considerable experience in travel and tourism. As a guide and tour manager in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Europe, and as a travel planner to destinations worldwide.

* I have also organized special events, seminars and incentive programs for various sizes of groups and individuals.


* My individual approach comes from a keen sense of reality (and humor), and aims to be friendly, informative, and entertaining, with stories, conversation (and perhaps a little music) to illustrate some of the many facets of this richly varied and fascinating country of Israel.

Professional Connections

* I work closely with an exclusive circle of fellow Israel tour Guides, Travel Agents, Hotels and other suppliers, throughout Israel, to provide you with a high quality comprehensive service. If I can’t do it – I probably know someone who can guide you on a tour of Israel.

I am a Member and Licensed by the following Tourism Related Organizations: