Israel Private Tours

Flexibility when using the Services of a Private Tour Guide in IsraelNative Israeli Born

Israel Private tours is the best way to explore Israel. When you travel with a regular organized tour, you have no control over where you go and what you see. If the schedule says you spend 5 minutes at the Holy Sepulchre and 10 minutes at the Wailing Wall, then that’s it. But with a private tour guide in Israel, you can choose to extend the time you spend at any particular site to suite you. On a whim, if you feel like taking your time and perhaps having a quiet moment of prayer in a church or synagogue that’s up to you.

Often on organized tours in Israel, the guide will herd a flock of tourists from one attraction to another at top speed. You have no time to stop and take a closer look at anything that interests you. When you tour Israel with a private guide, you can allow yourself to be a side tracked. Take a detour down an interesting alley in Jerusalem’s Old City or, ask your private guide to tell you about Bauhaus buildings you might see by chance in Tel Aviv. For example if you take a Dead Sea tour with a private guide and decide you would like to spend an extra hour floating in the water, that is your prerogative. A private guide is open to your suggestions. Get to see Israel’s must-see attractions and much more with no schedule set in stone.

Off the Beaten Path with an Israeli Private Tours Guide

Everyone comes to Israel knowing the must-see attractions they want to fit into their itinerary – Jerusalem’s Old City, the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee and Tel Aviv. However there is a lot more to Israel then the usual tourist beat. Your Israel private tour guide, can take you to places not found in the guide books or on travel websites. Unusual, unique and fascinating places like Ein Kerem, where John the Baptist was born; the beautifully painted church in Beit Jimal or the bell caves of Beit Guvrin. Without the option of using Israel private tours, it is unlikely that you would reach these places or even know they exist. Your private tour guide in Israel, can expose you to a world far beyond the usual tourist beaten path. For example, your private guide could take you to a neighborhood restaurant, where only locals dine; to an Ethiopian church or a museum, dedicated to clandestine immigration during the establishment of the State of Israel.

Transport is not an Issue with an Israeli Private Tour Guide

One of the biggest obstacles in every traveler’s plans is transportation. How to get from the airport to the hotel; how to get to all the attractions in the time you have available; the cost of renting a car; parking laws and costs; reaching places not on the regular bus routes and the time wasted in taking public buses. Transportation takes a huge chunk out of the time you have in Israel and a huge chunk out of your travel budget. With a private tour guide, Israel is accessible to you and transportation is no longer your problem – you have someone else who will take care of everything!