A mountainous Basalt Rock plateau in the north eastern part of Israel

The Golan Heights is a mountainous plateau, in north eastern Israel, overlooking the Sea of Galilee. The mountain range was formed millions of years ago, by volcanic eruptions which created the Basalt rock of the Golan. The area has numerous sources of water, waterfalls, streams and rivers. The abundant water and rich soil, make the Golan one of the most fertile areas for cultivating the land, and a paradise for nature lovers. The Golan Heights are the site of many wineries and you can see vineyards cascading down the hill sides adding to the idyllic scenery.

Top attractions in the Golan Heights include Hamat Gader, where there are natural thermal springs and spa facilities; Gamla an excavated ancient Jewish city; Katzrin where a Talmudic era village has been discovered, and restored plus Mount Bental, once an Israeli military stronghold, from where you can see into Syria.

Tel Dan Nature Reserve, is one of the most beautiful reserves in the area. Here you can walk along signposted paths, passed significant landmarks. Along the route you are never far from a babbling brook, natural springs, a gushing river or calm natural pools, where you can swim.

The Banias Nature Reserve is so beautiful and enchanting, that it is believed to be the Biblical Garden of Paradise. There is a picturesque waterfall, thick vegetation, lush forests and peaceful pools of water. The Banias is at the foot of another top Golan Heights attraction – Mount Hermon. The Hermon is Israel’s only ski resort, open in the winter when the mount is covered in snow.

A visit to the Golan Heights, is an incredible way of seeing a different side of Israel, a side most tourists never get to see.

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