Temple Mount

How to Visit Temple Mount

Temple Mount is an elevated walled-in area in the south-eastern corner of Jerusalem’s Old City. Its history goes back thousands of years, and it holds deep religious significance to all three monotheistic religions. The best way to visit Temple Mount is with an Israeli tour guide. Take a private tour of Temple Mount and learn why it is sacred to Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Visiting Temple Mount independently can be challenging as there are various restrictions and irregular open hours. Your Israel tour guide will know the best way to visit Temple Mount.

Why is Temple Mount Important?

Temple Mount was the location of both Jewish temples – the First Temple, built by King Solomon and destroyed in 586BC, plus the Second Temple which stood on Temple Mount from the 6th century BC to 70AD. This would have been the temple visited by Jesus as a young boy, and where he cleared the temple of money changes (John 2:13-16). 

Muslims hold Temple Mount sacred, as the site of Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. According to Islamic tradition, this was where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven and where he traveled to the “furthest mosque “on his Night Journey, as described in the Koran. 

Can I Visit Temple Mount?

The intense emotions and religious traditions associated with Temple Mount have made it a focal point for inter-religious tension for years. Today Temple Mount is under Israeli sovereignty but administered by the Muslim Waqf.  Although tourists are welcome to visit Temple Mount, the site may be closed without notice due to security concerns. Take a private tour with an Israeli guide who knows the restrictions and Temple Mount open hours. Your tour guide will give you a safe, and fascinating tour of Temple Mount’s many structures.


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