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Shalom! Nice to meet you :)

Dubi Guiding on Masada

Dubi Guiding on Masada


* I’m a native born Israeli (‘Sabra’).

* I’m 61 years old.

* I live in the center of Israel.

* I am an officer (reserve) in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and still do my reserve duty occasionally.


* I qualified as a licensed Israel tour Guide with the Israel Ministry of Tourism in 1985. I have been guiding tours of Israel since then.

* I was certified as a licensed Travel Expert by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

* I studied Geography at the Tel Aviv University.

* I took numerous courses regarding History, Christianity, Archaeology, as well as other related subjects to tours in Israel.

* Fluent in English, German and some French and Arabic.


* For the past 30 years I have been guiding in Israel tour groups, individuals, family tours, government official guests and business guests.

* I have had considerable experience in travel and tourism. As a guide and tour manager in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Europe, and as a travel planner to destinations worldwide.

* I have also organized special events, seminars and incentive programs for various sizes of groups and individuals.


* My individual approach comes from a keen sense of reality (and humor), and aims to be friendly, informative, and entertaining, with stories, conversation (and perhaps a little music) to illustrate some of the many facets of this richly varied and fascinating country of Israel.

Professional Connections

* I work closely with an exclusive circle of fellow Israel tour Guides, Travel Agents, Hotels and other suppliers, throughout Israel, to provide you with a high quality comprehensive service. If I can’t do it – I probably know someone who can guide you on a tour of Israel.

I am a Member and Licensed by the following Tourism Related Organizations:

לוגו משרד התירות

Licensed by Israeli Ministry of Tourism

לוגו אגודת מורי דרך 2

Member of Israel Tour Guides Association

לוגו משרד התחבורה

Authorised by Israeli Ministry of Transport

לוגו מורי דרך בינלאומי

Member World Federation of Tour Guide Association

לוגו תיירות אקולוגית

Member International Ecotourism Society

לוגו החברה להגנת הטבע

Member Israel SPNI